Where The Paths May Lead You

I watched graphic artist & writer Dean Haspiel on the Artist To Artist series that BRIC has this morning.   In a lot of ways Dean is responsible for my making American Splendor.  Back before he was the recognized great artist he is today, he was our receptionist on The Ice Storm.  As we both shared a love for underground comics, it was only a matter of time that Harvey Pekar came up.  The years went by and Dean did some drawing for Harvey and told him and Joyce of my dream of making an American Splendor movie.  One night, late as it was, my phone rang.  Joyce was on the other end and my journey began.

Dean's just done me another pleasure, by introducing me to the work of photographer Seth Kushner, the other artist on the Artist To Artist show, and the man behind this great portrait of Harvey, shot just last week.

Seth has done a lot of great portraits and whole bunch of the indie film scene.  You should check them all out but here's a nice taste to get you started.

You check out Seth's book The Brooklynites here.  He's working now on a book of photos of NYC Graphic Novel scene, Graphic NYC (and hence his connection with Dean).