It Could Be Getting So Much Better All The Time #4: Web-based Theatrical Screenings

Today's suggestion from filmmaker and blogger Pericles Lewnes:

What if an internet site could be set up to premiere a movie that an internet audience could watch together on stream at a pre-determined time? There would be a limit to admission - say 200 "seats." This would prevent any disruption from server traffic. The admission would be low ($2?) and buzz can be created on a shoestring. After the movie is over, the filmmaker can open a chat with a q&a. Instant reviews can be posted on a Wordpress style section of the site. Fans of "The Site" itself would end up building their "brand" as reviewers.

An idea of the virtual run life of the movie could be determined by how many virtual ticket sales can be calculated.

Say for instance, you have sold 200 seats and 150 more people try to buy tickets. Well, after judging from the reviews and reaction of the first screening a second screening may be in order. After the movie has had it's "run" it can be made available through DL or DVD sale in a bside style set-up if the filmmaker wants that. Again, I am still trying to formulate the concept and it is only half baked - but there is plenty of room for the DIY filmmaker to get excitement built for their movie and to immediately act to create that important relationship with the audience immediately after. Everything can monitored.