It Could Be Getting So Much Better All The Time #3: Transparency

Brian Newman hit the nail on the head with his comment and I've bumped it to a post to give it the weight it deserves.  With acquisition prices so low, this seems to be something that filmmakers should demand that their agents, reps, and lawyers get for them, that their distributors' provide to them, that they have a right to share and distribute to others.  Right on, Brian, right on.

I think one thing would improve the business side more than anything else - transparency of the numbers. We see box office, but we need good comparable stats on DVD, download, VOD, fest attendance, clicks, was it watched on a roku or a iphone or at 11pm, etc.

People need to know how much is being spent to make a film, and how much it really makes back. Filmmakers should be able to get data on how people found their films online, through what search terms, from where, etc.

Too many people are getting ripped off because of a lack of transparency. Transparent access to data would be good for everyone (except those profiting by keeping it closed) and help build new and better business models.
-- Brian Newman