Competition Is THE Solution

Okay, this contradicts what we said here, but why not let the crowds find the answer for you?  

CrowdSpring creates contests for logos and other design work.  It not only will save you money, but it opens the doors for young designers worldwide.  For me I already see many different ways to use this site.  We always need logos for each new film company and each new blog or website. Every film I am involved with needs logos for all the fake products and magazines we create. 
I have often wished the film biz would have a repository for cleared logos and maybe this is a good first step.  Each production could hold a contest on CrowdSpring for a new product logo, pay the designer $200, and provide an open license to any other filmmaker who supplies an open license logo that year.
Any ways, Forbes has a story on CrowdSpring.  They also mention competitors that are essentially freelance service marketplaces like and where you can get bids on everything from design work to legal to accounting.  Forbes points out the issues that come from folks speccing out jobs, but here in Filmland where every project I engage in, I do so on a spec basis, it's hard to not opt for an open door policy.
Thanks to Armano for the tip!