Why I Love John Waters

I am working on my list of heroes, and John Waters is on it.  I read his book Shock Value before I actually saw any of his films.  It opened up my mind as to what I might be able to do in film.  When I moved to New York, I pursued a job at New Line Cinema.  This was before Nightmare On Elm Street; I knew them as the home of Pink Flamingos.  I got a gig inspecting their 16mm. prints and just getting to share an elevator with John and witness that mustache live gave me enough hope to get through the next year.

I have now got to produce for him and he's only grown in stature for me.  Here is a guy who thought he'd end up in jail and instead has a life most can only dream of.  He's got seven great careers: filmmaker; artist; broadway show creator; actor; comedian/lecturer; music compiler; and author.  The guy is a cultural authority.  And okay, so filmmaker is not such a great career, but it's an excellent hobby!
I hope John keeps making movies for years to come.  Until we get the next one financed though, lucky for all of us, he keeps feeding us choice bits.