I Never Want My Cable Back

It's been about five years now since I swore off cable TV.  It all felt like the same with one or two distinctions.  I have always preferred my news in print form, and of course the WWW provides the opportunity to always find what I missed.

I have to admit that I expected there to be much more interesting programing produced for the web than I have found.  Maybe I am not looking hard enough.  I would appreciate some more tips.
I did have the pleasure of finding Doctor Steel though.  He is a wonderful whack job, blending Pee Wee Herman with a fascist mad scientist in bondage gear vibe.  He's got quite a few episodes up on YouTube now and I recommend checking them out when you've decided you have some time to kill.  They are nice work all around: great performance, art direction, archive sourcing, and overall  directing.
This is episode 2 to give you a taste: