How About Some Bad News For A Change?

Where does the money come from that funds all those indie films applying to all those festivals?  I am imagine 80% of it is somehow related to the directors of the work, but I have never been so lucky to have that situation. 

Most of the movies we make over at This is that are funded at least 50% by private equity.  We haven't gotten money from hedge funds or venture capital groups, but still these stories/figures below gave me some cause to pause.  And not that it was anything that everyone didn't already suspect, but still unsettling none the less.  Here's hoping that there are still high net worth individuals who believe in the power of art and the future of entertainment.  Feel free to give them my number when you meet them.
From your friends at Dow Jones:
We have a lot of great projects to make this year.  It's going to stay interesting that's for sure.
But then again this kind of news is pretty crushing: