Web Marketing For Filmmakers

Jon Reiss returns!

Here's a great blog post about the very very basics of marketing your film'swebsite. I'm sure you know a lot of this - but a lot was news to me (post excerpted):

1. Go to Godaddy.com and purchase a domain name. Get one that ends with .com. Get your movie title. If it is unavailable add “movie” or “themovie” or “film” to the end. (You don’t need to purchase any other services during check-out.)
2. Sign up for WordPress.com. Make your blog the title of your movie/ domain. Start posting press releases and other articles, such as reviews.
3. Sign up for Youtube.com. Make your username title of your movie/ domain. Post your trailer, or you can do a video “pitch”.
4. Sign-up for an account on Facebook.com.
5. Sign-up for Flickr. Get your username title of your movie/ domain.
6. Sign up for an account at del.icio.us. Bookmark your domain, facebook page, blog page and you tube page.
7. Sign up for a google account, to use their alerts, place connect with people who talk about you.
8. Sign up for Box Office Widget. Place this on your website and on your blog. Use it as your signature on forums.
8. Sign up for Spottt. Place this banner code on your myspace page, blog, and the thank you page from Box Office Widget.
10. Go to Yahoo! Groups and find all the groups that may have interest to your film and join. Participate in the group, rather than just spam the group.

This was written by one of the co-founders of Neoflix. Neoflix themselves have set up a number of marketing tools for filmmakers - they are going to give me a tutorial in the coming weeks and I'll be passing that information along.

And this DIY Flix sites seems pretty amazing at first glance as well.

But back to marketing. I think marketing does not come easy for most filmmakers. Even filmmakers who pitch well - when it comes to the nuts and bolts business aspects of DIY filmmaking - they blanch. Its quite different from being creative. Very different. Doesn't feel right and doesn't feel fun. 

I have an extra handicap of coming from the punk era where this kind of straight business had a certain smell. But its time to get over that - web marketing necessary if you are going to create an audience for yourself and survive as an "independent" filmmaker in these changing times. My mission for then next couple of months is to become immersed in all manners of web marketing for filmmakers - I'm going to use Bomb It as a case study and I'll keep you posted.
-Jon Reiss (jon@jonreiss.com)