They Now Admit They Were Wrong

A little more than five years ago, the creative film community rose up in rebellion against the MPAA and Hollywood Studios anti-trust violation known as "The Screener Ban".  It ended in what was a successful law suit that I not only got to testify in, but had the good fortune of meeting the love of my life in the process.  Quite a win, I say.

It was difficult initially to get some people to question the wisdom (or motives) of those that wrote the paychecks and controlled the gateways of distribution.  Producers, directors,and  organizations like the IFPs joined together and The Ban was rescinded by the force of law.  
Maybe The Ban really was initially enacted due to a fear of piracy, but the judge understood that the actions of studios and MPAA completely disregarded the realities and necessities of the independent sector.  In an effort to protect their revenues, the powerful might have crushed the independents for good.  
Their actions these days, as reported here by Variety,  indicate they now recognize they were misguided in their actions to institute The Ban.  The needs of promotion outweigh the possible repercussions of potential piracy.
It makes you wonder doesn't it?  What else might be attempted to be enacted in the name of the good of the industry that is neglectful of the needs of a smaller but incredibly vital segment of the larger picture?