It's That Time Of The Year Again

When the NYTimes publishes its Year In Ideas issue, its time for rejoicing.  Outside of an election year like this one, nothing helps me get excited for the future like this little round up (well, on a non-personal level that is).  

Wondering about how to spend your weekend or what to read on the john today, read the Year In Ideas.  Well, I guess on the latter option, you should go out and buy the newspaper (remember those?).
I hope to follow up on some of the ideas listed in this issue in the weeks ahead, but they have lots of good ones: the bio-mechanical energy harvester, the bus-wait formula, the climate change defense, the dog-poop DNA bank, fast-food zoning, plants' rights,  and vending machines for crows, in addition to lots of interesting observations, like the glass cliff women are often asked to jump off of and the reach of wage inequality.