Hard Times: The Refrain Continues

Why do you need to plan to distribute your film yourself?  

Answer number 29: 
Because there won't be anyone left to do it for you!
One of the downsides of all of us being so well connected and tuned in, is the bad news gets to us all much faster.  Hopefully, the upside is we can react positively much quicker too.  Time will tell.
If you didn't notice, media in all forms is in a tailspin:  Layoffs at Universal and Paramount; NBC contemplating reducing nightly programming;  the NY Times mortgaging their building; The Tribune declaring bankruptcy;  publishers slashing employees and limiting releases.   I do hear that Jack Daniels posted high profits this quarter though.  My business partner's exit strategy of a liquor store in a fishing town is looking mighty wise...  When Barry Diller is the loudest voice calling out corporations on the greed inherent in firing 500 more people to save a few million dollars, we know the world is changing.
David Carr's "Stoking Fear Everywhere You Look" captures these times quite well.