The Search For The Word

I don't know if any of you made it to the thirty minute mark of the NYC DIY Dinner Conversation Part One, but I got to one of my fave quests around that time.

I believe people can't articulate what they really want until they know what to call it.  And here, the Big Consumer World has failed us again. How?  Well let me tell you.
When a seven year old says "Pokemon" they don't think of just the cards, or the figures, or the game, or the television show, or the various feature film incarnations.  That seven year old sees the whole Pokemon UNIVERSE.  By having the word that describes their pursuit, the Pokemon fans know their desire is to participate COMPLETELY in that Universe.  The Completion Urge is able to know the path to satisfaction.
In mainstream media, only business terms exist to express a 360 degree approach to character and theme.  It's called "brand management" or "the Franchise".  THERE IS NO TERM FOR THE AUDIENCE TO USE TO EXPRESS COMPLETE IMMERSION IN STORY AS DEEPLY AND RICHLY AS IS POSSIBLE.  We need to coin a word.  Without a descriptive, desire will never be to be as complete as it might.  Any suggestions?