Come To Woodstock!

I am on the jury and will be be doing another panel up at the Woodstock Film Festival this weekend. I am completely impressed with the films in competition. They've done a great job curating. And they've done a great job programming too.

I am on a panel on the current state of what is still mistakingly referred to as the "Indie" film world. Woodstock's assembled a stellar and diverse group for it: John Sloss, Mark Duplass, & Ryan Werner -- all of us moderated by Variety's Dade Hayes. It is on at 2P Saturday. Here's the description:
IS IT SAFE? With the closure of many of the studio specialty divisions and the reported financial troubles of many of the independents, has “indie film distribution” come to an end, or is this just the end of the world, as we know it? What does the “falling sky” really signify for the independent film sector? Were these companies right to turn their backs or were they just spending too much? Should you make films these days without some form of distribution? And most importantly, who, what or where is the great future hope for indies (and is it all online?)?
Join this esteemed panel of experts straight from the front lines of indie distribution and learn where the light is at the end of the tunnel.

I wonder what I am going to say? Hmmmm.... We need to move the dialogue beyond my "1000 Phoenix Rising" and certainly beyond "The Sky Is Falling".