Things That Could Bring Progress

BBC News has a story on the spread of Mobile Broadband via a new alliance of PC manufactures, chip makers, and phone firms.  The basic plan is to build wireless chips that will work with third and fourth gen wireless,  promote via a distinct brand, and get the laptops on the shelves in 91 countries by Christmas.

All I know is that the US has dropped from 3rd to something like 26th (I have to look it up) in the last three years, and what we call Broadband is about 40x weaker than what they have in South Korea.
I believe that when people can get stuff fast and it looks real good, they will also want everything possible.  The dream of getting it where ever you are, when ever you want it is here.  Technology is delivering.  Fulfilling the promise is now dependent on maintaing Net Neutrality.