Better Than Most Films, Better Than Television: It's Radio, sort of...

I saw two films this week.  They were both ambitious and blessed with budgets north of $20 million.  Yet they were not disciplined, nor did they expand upon where the ideas inherent might go.  The next morning after watching the last one, as headed to the office, enjoying my daily walk, I put in the earphones and listened to a podcast.

Podcasts have become one of my favorite attributes to modern life.  I never felt I needed radio, but give me a good show and the perfect amount of time to listen to it, and I am left happy and satisfied -- and so much more so than bearing witness to yet another half-baked excessively expensive expression on celluloid (or HD).
Of the course, the grand master of it all is THIS AMERICAN LIFE.  It's one of the greatest things going.  Amazingly consistent, they know how to tell stories.  They take them farther, expose new truths, and unite us in our lives.  I got to the office and immediately went on line and contributed some cash to this fantastic show.  
If you don't have your iTunes set to download this podcast and dump it onto your phone or MP3 player weekly, you are not living.
And how great is the marriage of them with Chris Ware?!