Rock & Roll & Film & Fishing & Tripping

I think it all started with John Lurie and his classic cable talk show FISHING WITH JOHN: Just him on a boat with his pals (Jarmusch, Tom Waits, Matt Dillon, etc.). Part one (of three) of Episode Two (Mr. Waits) below (the rest can be found on YouTube):

It's taken over fifteen years for the promise of crystal clear videos over the internet to arrive -- and that's more of a letter that still hasn't really been delivered yet -- so it's not so surprising that it's taken seventeen year for round two of this genre to begin.  I love how influences just drip down slowly but surely.
Now you have your choice on which direction to go on.  Straight ahead TRIPPING WITH CAVEH with Caveh Zahedi (and indie rock superstar turned indie film star Will Oldham):
Or FISHING WITH DEAN WEEN on Brownie Troop Fishing Show (with the current episode featuring The Butthole Surfers) -- sorry no embeded video on this one.