Favorite Jeffrey Lewis Videos

The desire for authenticity is an interesting thing.  I often have had creative executives say to me that they are looking for something that "feels authentic", which I take it is something entirely different from something that is authentic.  The DFA is closely related to "keeping it real" which is a style I've seen worn quite well by those who are anything but (see Adbusters' great article on Hipsters).

Anyway I think Jeffrey caught all that and more with this Will Oldham (see prior post) Williamsburg Subway Horror.  When I first saw it I felt it was very much "right here right now", but that was earlier this year, but now when I watch it get then same kind of eye-well that the best nostalgia trigger gives.
I have a song list on my iTunes called "Songs About Songs and Singers".  It is one of my favorite groupings.  Jeffrey's made it far more than once.  Leonard Cohen should be proud of all that he inspires.