Do They Have The Right To Peer Inside Your iPod?

Should others have the right to see what you have on your hard drives?  

Should custom agents be able to check to make sure no one is importing stolen intellectual property (aka bootlegs) via their MP3 players and laptops?
You may not have anything to say about the issue.  The G8 has met, and many other countries are considering whether to pass the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.  As a filmmaker, I am certainly in favor of protection of Intellectual Property Rights, but the enactment of Draconian laws will never be the solution.  
What is the ACTA?  Well, it seems no one fully knows what's in it.  Public Knowledge has  a good overview here.
What's to be upset about?  Well, read what the Free Software Foundation has to say about it right here.
And what The Guaradian had to say here.
The G8 was supposed to ratify it at the end of July.  I haven't yet found out where it currently stands.