Introduction to Bowl Of Noses

My son helped me come up with this name.  It refers to one of his favorite drawings of mine, which is, of course, a bowl of noses.  I have been sending a "Kids' Stuff" email blast around for some time now, and I have gotten some nice responses.  This my attempt to end the unidirectional nature of it and allow for comments.  And of course I would like suggestions for additions.

Bowl Of Noses is a tool for sniffing out the fun stuff for kid related activity.  It's also a bit NYC-centric as I am too.  For the time being I will mix posts from the pasts with new selections, so if you think you have seen it all before, please check back and I will do my best to add something new.
This is the second of a planned series of blogs of mine.  Please check out TheNextGoodIdea also at