Organizing CDs & DVDs

I can't quite get used to a world where everything is digital. I still live in the physical world.  I even still buy CDs!  And I like to watch DVDs -- they are on my TV, the picture is sharp, the access is immediate.  Why settle for less?  We don't yet live in the perfect world of downloads, so we are burdened with physical excess. 

But I also live in NYC -- which means one thing I don't have is space.  And I have over 4000 CDs and probably half as many DVDs.  So what can I do so I don't have to look at all those ugly jewelboxes and the like?  My GOOD IDEA here is far from perfect.
Nonetheless, it was a happy day when I threw all that plastic away and cleared out the shelves.  I have filed all of my discs into three ring binders with removable pages, sorting them by genre and then alphabetical within that.  It was a long time-consuming project and requires considerable updating to this day.  The binders remain too cumbersome.  But it's an improvement from the clutter and eye-sore.  I can't understand why discs continue to come in those plastic cases.
I do have most of my music digitized now and on various hard drives, but if there was a fire, I think I would take the binders over the drives.  Go figure.
The binders I use are available here.  Let me know if there is anything better out there.