One of the promises of our time is that we will find out faster what some of those things that just maybe might make our lives a little bit better are.  There's no shortage of recommendations out there from all kinds of sources, whether we want them or not.  Sorting them out, weighing them, mixing them in is one of our challenges. 

When I find some sort of trick that brings a new level of organization to my life, or some big concept that helps me get a new perspective on things, the dream of a better world seems a little more real.  
This blog is dedicated to the simple idea that can bring change.  It's also dedicated to the complex thought that changes an entire perspective.  Mostly, I hope it can be about the collective effort, the belief that if we share what we know, we can all learn a little bit faster.
This site is also a reflection of the condition of the overworked yet ambitious (and only ambitious for more of the better) contemporary being.  There's so much that I want to do, and what feels like so little time to do it in. This then is the first step toward bringing something into focus; the faith, the hope, that by putting it out there, a discussion can take hold.  
I hope to post a good idea a week.  I am going to aim to keep the blog alive for one year.  With a little help, maybe more can be done.