Best Jams from SFFS Films 2012

What else do you need to know? Turn up the volume and enjoy!


  1. Tommy (SFIFF55)
  2. Buster Keaton Shorts w/ TuneYards (SFIFF55)
  3. Lola Versus (SFIFF55)
  4. Sound of Noise (Film Society Cinema)
  5. The Intouchables (SFIFF55)
  6. Roadie (Film Society Cinema)
  7. House of Pleasures (Film Society Cinema)
  8. Catechism Cataclysm (Film Society Cinema)

80s Movie Rap Revival: Amigos!

Remember when movies recapped their entire plots with a rap song over the end credits? San Diego-based writer Ryan Bradford does. He and his cohorts were inspired to write and record their own alternate credits song for the Steve Martin/Chevy Chase/Martin Short classic ¡Three Amigos! (because of course that's the movie they chose). Listen above, and check out the lyrics below.