Help One of Us: SFFS FilmHouse Resident Cheryl Dunye

SFFS FilmHouse resident Cheryl Dunye needs your help! Tribeca Film Institute chose her as a finalist for their newest initiative, the Heineken Affinity Award. With the public's help, one out of the ten filmmakers will receive a $20,000 cash reward. We encourage our community to participate and vote for Cheryl!

Watch Cheryl introduce herself and her upcoming project (Per)mission, a filmformance/interdisciplinary piece illuminating the personal and political scenarios (past, present, future) of Cheryl:

Meet the new FilmHouse residents for 2013

Meet the new FilmHouse residents for 2013

Exciting news! We just announced the latest batch of FilmHouse residents, slated to move into FilmHouse in February 2013. Check out the projects they'll be working on below, and read more about the filmmakers here.

Serge Bakalian: Way of the Warthogs
Documentary feature, preproduction, 12-month residency

Way of the Warthogs features the Oakland Warthogs Youth Rugby program, the challenges faced by its student athletes and the impact of rugby in America’s inner cities. While interviewing coaches, parents, teachers, rugby players and community activists, the primary narrative of the documentary will follow the lives of four Warthog players at different stages, explore the challenges and realities of growing up in Oakland, and how the sport of rugby is changing their lives.

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