See More SFIFF: Begin Again, Hellion, Night Moves and More

What better holiday weekend to celebrate indie spirit than this one because SIX films that premiered at SFIFF57 will be in theaters! Two of these films, Hellion and Obvious Child, are SFFS-supported projects and FOUR are directed by talented women filmmakers. We hope our community that watched earlier will enthusiastically recommend their festival favorites and those who missed them at SFIFF will head to the theaters this weekend!

Dir: John Carney
Now playing Embarcadero Center Cinema, California Theatre, and Piedmont Theatre

When a failed record executive (Mark Ruffalo) meets a talented, but tentative singer-songwriter (Keira Knightley) in a Manhattan nightclub, he dedicates himself to making her a star in a bid for career and personal redemption in writer/director John Carney’s (Once, SFIFF 2007) latest romantic musical.

Dir: Amma Asante
Now playing Embarcadero Center Cinema, Piedmont Theatre, Shattuck Cinemas, and Rafael Film Center

In riveting fashion, the British costume drama is married to issues of social justice in this adaptation of a true story. Dido Elizabeth Belle, a mixed-race young woman, takes her place in 18th-century society, in the shadow of her great uncle, a British Earl, and her enslaved Caribbean mother.

Dir: Kat Candler
Opens July 4 at Roxie Theater

A struggling father copes with the loss of his wife while blind to the emotional toll her death and his frequent absences have taken on his sons—a motocross-riding teenager and his brother, a sensitive pre-adolescent boy. Outstanding performances from Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and young Josh Wiggins make the story all the more heartbreaking.

Dir: Kelly Reichardt
Now playing at Roxie Theater

Filmmaker Kelly Reichardt (Meek’s Cutoff SFIFF 2011) applies her signature style blending character-driven drama, lush landscapes and an embrace of ambiguity to this atypical political thriller starring Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard as environmental activists who plot to blow up an Oregon hydroelectric dam.

Now playing Embarcadero Center Cinema, California Theatre, and Piedmont Theatre

Recently dumped Donna (the charismatic, hilarious Jenny Slate) is a raunchy stand-up comedian flailing through life, bolstered by her equally comical friends and family. Normally witty and open, she struggles with how to tell clean-cut Max that she’s pregnant from their one-night stand. But a girl who’s used to verbalizing her internal monologue can’t keep the situation to herself forever.

Dir: Jalil Lespert
Opens July 4 at Clay Theatre and Shattuck Cinemas

A drama as stylish as one of Saint Laurent’s dresses, this sleek biopic focuses on 20 years in the designer’s life, as he reaches the heights of couture success at Dior, revolutionizes fashion when he strikes out on his own and falls in love with long-term partner Pierre Bergé, but also battles personal demons that color his business and his relationship.