In Focus: Sean Rossiter on Point Reyes

A still from POINT REYES

A still from POINT REYES


Sean Rossiter is a student at Woodside High School. A visual poem set in the beautiful landscape of Point Reyes, his atmospheric short celebrates a quiet moment in nature. 

Point Reyes is a Cinema by the Bay film. It screened in the Shorts 7: Youth Works program at SFIFF57.


What was the inspiration for this story?

I am currently enrolled in Video Production at my high school (Woodside High School).  My teacher assigned a "place video", where we had to choose a location and make a video regarding this area.  I had been to Point Reyes once, previous to shooting my film, so I knew of it's natural beauty.  This inspired me to come capture the beauty of this location, through the lens of a camera. 


What do you see as the greatest challenges for filmmakers today?  

The biggest challenge for filmmakers, I believe, is coordination.  Having worked on two, larger, and more complex short films this past year, I have found it imperative to surround yourself with a trust-worthy team that works well together.  Especially since I am in high school, and I do not do this professionally, it is hard to find people that are willing to volunteer, and spend countless hours on a project that will very likely not benefit them very much.


A still from POINT REYES

A still from POINT REYES


What new opportunities are making the biggest difference to your filmmaking process?

Having the opportunity to attend events such as film festivals, has allowed me to meet people that I can potentially collaborate with, which has been a great and exciting experience.  Also, I have found that by watching other independent films at these festivals, that I learn new techniques and strategies to use in my own projects when I am directing.


Describe what impact (San Francisco Film Society or Bay Area filmmaking community) support has had on your film.

The Bay Area filmmaking community and San Francisco Film Society has helped me become more exposed to the film industry, which is huge.  It is vital that I gain connections with directors and producers if I choose to make filmmaking my profession after high school.  This is my first international film festival, and I find it amazing that my film is being shown alongside films from all around the world.