SFFS-Supported Films at SFIFF57

A still from MANOS SUCIAS

A still from MANOS SUCIAS

As SFIFF57 approaches, we're especially excited to share seven films which were supported by SFFS through Filmmaker360 grants and services and will be screening at this year's festival! Four are SFFS / KRF Filmmaking Grant winners, two are fiscally sponsored through Project Development, and one participated in the Off the Page screenwriting workshop. Learn more about these fantastic films below.

Hellion - Kat Candler 

Fall 2013 SFFS / KRF Filmmaking Grant winner

A struggling father copes with the loss of his wife while blind to the emotional toll her death and his frequent absences have taken on his sons—a motocross-riding teenager and his brother, a sensitive pre-adolescent boy. Outstanding performances from Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and young Josh Wiggins make the story all the more heartbreaking. 

The Last Season - Sara Dosa

Enrolled in the SFFS Project Development program

Every September, over 200 seasonal workers, most of them Cambodian, Lao, Hmong, Mien and Thai, descend upon the tiny town of Chemult, Oregon, to search the woods for the rare Matsutake, a fungus highly prized in Japan. This documentary examines the bond between two of these hunters, an elderly Vietnam vet and a survivor of the Khmer Rouge, during one unusually hard season. 

Little Accidents - Sara Colangelo 

Fall 2013 SFFS / KRF Filmmaking Grant winner

In a West Virginia coal-mining town, the unthinkable has happened: Ten men have lost their lives in a mining accident, leaving the community in shambles as it tries to make sense of the disaster. Featuring standout performances from Elizabeth Banks and rising stars Boyd Holbrook and Jacob Lofland, Little Accidents weaves an atmospheric, everything-is-connected narrative about bonds forged from indescribable loss. 

Manos Sucias - Josef Wladyka 

Fall 2013 SFFS / KRF Filmmaking Grant winner

A reluctant smuggler and his eager neophyte brother drag a massive load of narcotics up the coast of Colombia, posing as fishermen. Paramilitary, guerrillas and hardscrabble desperation suffuse every inch of the jungle and waters that surround them, as they seek to escape the slums of Buenaventura. 

Obvious Child - Gillian Robespierre 

Participated in the SFFS "Off the Page" screenwriting workshop in January 2013

Recently dumped Donna (the charismatic, hilarious Jenny Slate) is a raunchy stand-up comedian flailing through life, bolstered by her equally comical friends and family. Normally witty and open, she struggles with how to tell clean-cut Max that she’s pregnant from their one-night stand. But a girl who’s used to verbalizing her internal monologue can’t keep the situation to herself forever. 

The Overnighters - Jesse Moss 

Enrolled in the SFFS Project Development program

Unemployed folks across America want new oil jobs in North Dakota, but housing is at a premium. Enter Pastor Jay Reinke.  Despite protests from his own congregation, he opens up his church to “overnighters"—people in search of a second shot at the American Dream. The film expertly and compassionately depicts the conflict between locals, these new "residents" and Pastor Reinke. 

Ping Pong Summer - Michael Tully 

Fall 2012 SFFS / KRF Filmmaking Grant winner

It’s 1985 and in the seaside resort town of Ocean City, Maryland, table tennis looms large for one young teen in this coming-of-age comedy that pays affectionate homage to all things ‘80s as a shy, hip-hop obsessed 13-year-old boy makes new friends, crushes on a girl, encounters bullies and hones his game during a life-changing summer vacation.