In Focus: Jay Rosenblatt on Claustrum

A still from CLAUSTRUM

A still from CLAUSTRUM


Jay Rosenblatt is an internationally recognized artist who has completed over twenty-five films.  His work explores our emotional and psychological cores.  Jay’s films have received over 100 awards and have screened throughout the world. A selection of his films had theatrical runs at the Film Forum in New York and at theaters around the country.  He also had a feature length program of recent work screen for a week at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Claustrum will have its world premiere at SFIFF57. It will be shown in the Shorts 4: New Visions program on April 27 and May 8. Tickets are available HERE.


What was the inspiration for this story?

A close friend who is a psychoanalyst gave a paper about this psychological state referred to as "claustrum". I thought the cases were fascinating and her writing was beautiful so I asked if I could adapt the case studies into a short film.


What do you see as the greatest challenges for filmmakers today?

There are many. Getting our work funded and getting it screened. How to piece together a living making films. Balancing a day job and filmmaking. Having time for one's "personal" life.


A still from CLAUSTRUM

A still from CLAUSTRUM


What new opportunities are making the biggest difference to your filmmaking process?

Much cheaper means of production. On-line screeners therefore much less time at the post office.


Describe what impact San Francisco Film Society or Bay Area filmmaking community support has had on your film.

Having my film's world premiere at SF International is a great honor. It never gets old.