A Story from Behind the Scenes: Short Term 12

by Team Short Term 12

Making an independent film is no easy task. It is truly a never-ending process, one that takes you through the highest of highs and sometimes the lowest of lows. The only way to make it through, alive (and a little sane) is with the helping hand of friends, family, and sometimes the kindness of strangers. For us, our kind stranger was the San Francisco Film Society, who over the course of time has become a very close friend.

With the very generous assistance of their Filmmaker360 Grant program, we were able to step into the most ideal situation as we waded through the post-production process during the making of our film Short Term 12.

At the end of 2012 we were awarded a grant through the SFFS / Kenneth Rainin Foundation Filmmaking Grant which gave us the ability to work at the highest levels as the film was nearing completion. The level of quality that was able to be achieved in finishing the film would not have been possible without this support. Part of the mandate of the grant is that an overwhelming majority of the funds be in the Bay Area- with the thought of enriching the fantastic film community of San Francisco and its neighboring municipalities.

We used the grant funds to do a slew of work in the Bay Area, including casting/recording our group ADR sessions with Holly Dorff, working with music editor Dean Menta, having our titles designed by artist David Fernandez, and, so significantly, helping us work with the kind, and endlessly talented folks at Skywalker Sound. With this help we were able to do a full week of foley work, sound editing prep for our mix, and least of all, our sound mix itself…all at the other-worldly Skywalker Ranch. We made some great friends up at Skywalker, including mixer Scott Lewis and the team of Phil Benson, Charlotte Moore, Jon Greber and their wonderful staff. It was really a magical experience, and more importantly gave us an end product that was light years (no pun intended) ahead of what we ever could have imagined.

And all this was possible because of the fantastic work that the SFFS does for the indie film community. Without folks like Michele Turnure-Salleo, director of Filmmaker360, Film Society executive director Ted Hope, and their tireless/lovely team, we would not have the same film that we premiered at SXSW and would certainly not have the same film that audiences across the country, and soon across the world, are getting a chance to see in theatres.

Short Term 12 is a film about many things, and perhaps most of all, family. If there’s anything to take away from what we have written here, it’s that to us the San Francisco Film Society was not just a generous benefactor, but indeed, are to us nothing less than just that: family.

Short Term 12 opens Friday, August 26 in San Francisco at AMC Metreon 16 and in Berkeley at  California Theatre.  #SupportIndieFilm!