See More SFIFF: Crystal Fairy and An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

Crystal Fairy 
Dir: Sebastián Silva
Narrative Feature
Chile, 2012

Opens July 19 at Opera Cinema Plaza and Shattuck Cinemas.

Director Sebastián Silva may have crafted a film of out there concepts and ideas, but he certainly knows how to create an environment to get memorable and moving performances out of his actors. Cera is infuriating as Jamie, a boy only focused on himself, but there is a reason the film is titled Crystal Fairy - this is not Jamie’s story, this is a story about a woman and how her complex nature changes those around her.
— Allison Loring, Film School Rejects

An Oersimplification of Her Beauty
Dir: Terence Nance
Narrative Feature
USA, 2011

Opens July 19 at Roxie Theater and Broaklyn Film & Theater Company .

Oversimplification is both unprecedented and familiar, with antecedents in both mainstream and art cinema. It recalls inventive, formally ingenious films with hapless, self-involved but charming actor-directors like Annie Hall...
— Ina Diane Archer, Film Comment