Welcoming FilmHouse's New Residents

We just announced the latest round of filmmakers who have been awarded FilmHouse Residencies, moving in August 2013.  Get to know them and their projects below.

New 2013 Residents

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Grainger David, Nocturne
Narrative feature, screenwriting, 12-month residency

Nocturne is the story of a white cop on the verge of retirement who accidentally kills a young black teenager he suspects of a recent robbery and murder. In a moment of extreme weakness, he hides the boy's body in a woodshed-only to return a day later to discover it has disappeared.

Gerard McMurray and Ephraim Walker, Riders
Narrative feature, preproduction, 12-month residency

Riders is about a group of rogue police officers who terrorize black residents in West Oakland by making false arrests, violently assaulting residents and committing myriad other civil rights violations. Ultimately, a 23-year-old rookie cop becomes entangled in the corruption and has to face a difficult decision between his obligation to the brotherhood of police and his own sense of morality. 


Leah Wolchok, Very Semi-Serious
Documentary feature, postproduction, 12-month residency

Very Semi-Serious is an offbeat meditation on humor, art and the genius of the New Yorker cartoon. The film takes an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the 88-year old New Yorker and introduces the cartooning legends and hopefuls who create the iconic cartoons that have inspired, baffled -- and occasionally pissed off-all of us for decades.