SFFS-Supported TEST Premieres at SIFF & Frameline

This Friday, SFFS/KRF Filmmaking Grant winner TEST will have its world premiere at Seattle International Film Festival! This film is a poignant, powerful story of friendship and hope in a time of crisis, set in the San Francisco modern dance scene of 1985 in the early years of the AIDS epidemic. Don't pout about missing it because of the distance, it will have it's Bay Area premiere at Frameline, Castro Theatre, Saturday, June 29. We're expecting a celebratory crowd, so you best buy your ticket now!

To note, director Chris Mason Johnson was also a previous resident at FilmHouse and has shared much on the making of his film. He developed a non-profit production company for TEST and sees the film and company fulfilling a larger social purpose after it's release.

The non-profit I’ve created, Serious Productions, Inc., will have a life beyond TEST and has a broader mission statement that TEST fits into: to capture aspects of LGBT lives and experience that might otherwise be lost in the bigger historical narratives that dominate.
— Chris Mason Johnson