The Great Les Blank


The remarkable Bay Area filmmaker Les Blank will be forever remembered for his great and imaginative films. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. We are honored to have known him and to have welcomed him and his films to our San Francisco International Film Festival many times, including for a Ten Film Retrospective Tribute in 1995.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Les Blank has changed the ways in which we gather knowledge, understand movies and even celebrate life itself ... His body of work is not only impressive but can stand in for a guide to how to live well. -Sean Uyehara, SFFS Programmer

This year we are proud to honor Les with a program in our festival titled Spend It All, which features three newly restored 16mm films by Les Blank: the west coast premiere of the restoration of Spend it All, a documentary celebrating Cajun food, music and culture, and world premieres of the restorations of rarely seen Chicken Real (1970, 23 min) and Christopher Tree (aka Spontaneous Sound, 1972, 10 min). All film restored by and presented in collaboration with the Academy Film Archive.