Weekend Quick Picks: The Criterion Collection on Hulu

Oh your weekend may have never seen so many classics before!  When The Criterion Collection announced their generous offer of hundreds of films to stream for FREE on Hulu until February 17, we knew who to turn to for the quick picks, SFFS Programmers. 

Sean Uyehara's Picks:

Andrei Rublev, dir Andrei Tarkovsky (Soviet Union, 1969) — "epic, transporting, incredible."

Woman in the Dunes, dir Hiroshi Teshigahara  (Japan, 1964) — "a strange, beautiful and frightening Marxist allegory about relentless, dehumanizing power."

Rod Armstrong's Picks:

F for Fake, dir Orson Welles (USA, 1975) – "Orson Welles' immensely playful examination of various types of fakery and illusion."

Fanny and Alexander, dir Ingmar Bergman (Sweden, 1972) – "Bergman's masterpiece."