See More SFIFF: Big Sur, God Loves Uganda, and Let the Fire Burn

Big Sur
Dir: Michael Polish
Narrative Feature
USA, 2012

Now showing at Rafael Film Center and AMC Van Ness.

BIG SUR cracks the code of how to adapt Jack Kerouac for the screen. The secret is deceptively simple: Go to the source and stay there.
— Stephen Holden, NY Times

God Loves Uganda 
Dir: Roger Ross Williams
Documentary Feature
Uganda, 2013

Now showing at Roxie Theater.

Roger Ross Williams’ eye-opening film examines how Uganda has become an American evangelical Bible project - complete with better schools, improved medicine and plenty of bigotry.
— David Lewis, SF Chronicle

Let the Fire Burn 
Dir: Jason Osder
Documentary Feature
USA, 2013

Now showing at  Opera Plaza Cinema and Shattuck Cinemas.

It’s mesmerizing from the get-go, and you will find yourself admiring how the filmmakers have woven all these archival threads into a cohesive, tense story line.
— David Lewis, SF Chronicle