Filmmaker360's Michele Turnure-Salleo on Grant Winning Secrets

Michele Turnure-Salleo at the 2013 Film Independent Forum

Michele Turnure-Salleo at the 2013 Film Independent Forum

In a follow up blog inspired by last month’s Film Independent Forum panel Fund-That-Doc, panelist and Filmmaker360 Director Michele Turnure-Salleo offers priceless insight into what can make a grant application's work samples stand out against the odds.  A short and sweet excerpt is below and we encourage you to read it full on Film Independent's blog, especially before your next application!  Reminder: SFFS Documentary Film Fund's early deadline is November 26, so ask your questions and be in touch with us now!

Dos & Don'ts
DO reach out to the funder well in advance of the application deadline to ascertain what they look for in their written and visual materials.  Every funder has its own way they like things structured and what they look for. Try to build a relationship with them as early on as you can. This also gives them more of a chance to help you.

DO ask the funder if there is an opportunity to provide a work sample explanation. This can help provide context to the sample you are submitting.

DO show your sample to someone who knows nothing about the project. Their objectivity will provide you with insight as to what a reviewer might think. Alternatively show someone who has seen all that you have shot. They might think of a better scene to include that you hadn’t considered.

If you don’t progress through to being a winner of the grant, DO ask for feedback on your application and work sample. Not all organizations can offer it, but it’s always worth asking.

DON’T be afraid to apply again. There are a myriad of reasons why projects get funded or don’t get funded and it is often worthwhile trying again.