School Scene: Animator Jonathan Ng

By Keith Zwolfer, SFFS Youth Education Manager


One of our many Youth Education programs brings visiting filmmakers into the classrooms - it is our crusade to inspire the next generation of mediamakers as well as cultivate lasting cinema appreciation. Last Thursday we had a classroom visit with Montreal animator Jonathan Ng and his short film Requiem for Romance.

Jonathan was in town with the Animation Show of Shows, a touring show put together by independent animation producer Ron Diamond. We brought him to SF School of the Arts to visit with a film class and a cartoon art club. Jonathan already had visits with Apple, Dreamworks, and Pixar, but commented that the questions and comments from the class were some of the best he'd had. Jonathan had an extra connection with the kids as he had gone to an arts high school growing up.  And it seemed some of the students had their own connection to the film:

The kids loved the film. I don't know if you noticed a few of the girls crying afterward. Funny; yeah a couple of our older "more experienced" girls (wisened in the ways of teenage heartbreak) were simply moved by the film, namely the end in which the man calls his ex just to "hear her on the other end of the line"... That and the film's gorgeous visuals. So it was a good, cathartic cry. Please express my gratitude to Jonathan for finding the time to visit with us. And thanks for all YOU do; your visits are highlights in my kids' year.

 - Scott Eberhardt, SF SOTA teacher

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