Uplifting-Except-When-It-Isn't/No-Movies-Explicitly-Named 2012 End of Year List

by Sean Uyehara

1. Most confusing thing you can say to other human beings: 2012 was awesome!

2. Two fantastic TV shows that premiered in 2012: Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell and Key and Peele. Bell, with “Laughter Against the Machine” allied with the Occupy movement in 2011, which one would think leads to mainstream career suicide. Instead, it (and many other activities) helped to propel Bell to a TV deal backed by Chris Rock. Plus, the show is smart and insightful. Something good happened in the world! I don’t know much about the origins of Key and Peele (Mad TV?), but that show is often terrifically funny.

3. The craziest news story this year: Meningitis-causing giant snail invasion in Florida.

4. Most promising promise that I feel will sadly merely be a promise again at the end of next year: Stereoscopic 3-D for live televised events. I want 3-D for televised concerts, sporting events and the news! It is completely possible with current technologies, would be a better use for 3-D than almost all narrative fiction filmmaking that uses it and it would make televised baseball an even easier way to waste a weekend.

5. Worst continuing film trend: The prominence of shiftless, oblivious and ineffectual, yet supposedly loveable child-men in movies. Why and how are totally irresponsible grown men positioned as worthwhile protagonists in movies? How do they earn a living in their ridiculous worlds? Why am I not as adored in real life as they are in their fake ones?

6. The number of times in 2012 I was informed that either a machine or software could fix a problem that was really about interpersonal or dynamics: 47.

7. Something to look forward to in 2013? Please, David Lynch, make a new movie!

8. Best chance for self-deception: Tie: the twitter accounts of Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch. Trump and Murdoch’s myopic tweets belie the power they actually have. Seeing these oligarchs seem out of touch may make you feel in a position of power, but it’s all the same; you’re still you and they’re still them.

9. Best auto-tune: This Mr. Rogers remix.

Sean Uyehara is a programmer at the Film Society.