The Best of Stock Music Writing 2012

We're searching through stock music over here at the office today, trying to find the perfect song for a credit crawl that will highlight our Annual Fund Campaign. For your entertainment (and ours), a few gems from the track descriptions (presented here in their entirety—no editing necessary):

  • Picture a girl and her cat lounging on the beach each sipping a Mojito.

  • The aliens abducted you, but the drugs they gave you are fabulous and you are barely aware of what's going on. Slight underlying tension.

  • Fantastic catchy tune with a video game feel to it but with enough variations that you won't smash your head against a wall.

  • A fun tune with a suspenseful feeling to it. You know the dog will steal the Snausage, but you just don't know when.

  • The soldiers are armed and heading off to battle-but did they remember to bring enough Pop Tarts?

  • Soundtrack of the same little dog trying to steal the biscuit-but he breakdances inbetween sneaking. Hiphop undertones.

  • Bach has been abducted by aliens and the probing has produced this futuristic twist to a classic.

  • You go girl! Like totally. Grab that bedazzled cell phone and shake your junk.

Spice up your weekend and find your own here!