Gallery: The Inaugural Fall Celebration

Gallery: The Inaugural Fall Celebration

On Thursday, November 14 at The Battery, we rolled out the red carpet to honor creativity, innovation, collaboration, and inspiration in cinema at the Film Society's inaugural Fall Celebration!  

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SFIFF56 State of Cinema Address: Steven Soderbergh

Photos by Pamela Gentile, courtesy of the San Francisco Film Society

What I LOVED was that he gave an overview on how an organization (he said a hypothetical half a billion dollar funded studio) could develop and support filmmakers to create Cinema over their careers. An organization that was not driven by decision-makers that don’t know or care much about film. An organization that could track and identify talent and give them a place to work. This, in my opinion, is exactly what the San Francisco Film Society has been doing the last half decade. (DISCLOSURE: I am, of course, biased since I have received fifty thousand dollars in grants over the last three years, seek regular advice and counsel from SFFS staff, and go to lots of free events that have made me a better filmmaker.) I am not alone, there is a whole group of us who are either from the Bay, or have been attracted here by the film community and the resources of the SFFS. Our scripts, films, post costs are getting funded by the organization. They are giving us free office space, a staggering amount of year round programming and exhibition and an incredible international festival.
— Eric Escobar for Pro Video Coalition


Eric Escobar is a previous SFFS/KRF Fillmmaking grant winner for his current project One Good Thing.  Learn more about his current project here.

Filmmaker360 provides unparalleled assistance and opportunities including grants, prizes, development assistance, and residencies for working filmmakers at all stages of their careers.

Go Watch SFFS Supported Films

The Film Society just wanted to send out a quick shout-out and cheers to a few Filmmaker360 films that are making their rounds at exciting festivals and Bay Area screenings!

More Factory Screen Tests: Dean & Britta Return to SF

A second time around can be just as good as the first! This Saturday, the JCCSF will be presenting Dean & Britta's 13 Most Beautiful...Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests. From the archive, we remember when Dean & Britta were in San Francisco for a similar SFFS screening at the Palace of Fine Arts in 2009. Click the image below to watch a video podcast of our event and interview with band member Dean Wareham. 

Ann Buchanan, photo by Rob Long. 

Ann Buchanan, photo by Rob Long. 

RIP (Rest in Professionalism): SFFS Boy Wonder, Jay Wertzler

Five years of sparkling youth, karoke raps, and remarkable flashpants wisdom - damn how we will miss our Jaybird (aka Jay Wertzler)!  Flying away from the SFFS nest, but first making a detour to pick up Pootie Tang at the airport for next week's SF Sketchfest.  We appreciate all of you and know that your mark on us is for life.   Big up and warm those vocals for the next SFIFF talent show - sa da tay!