RIP (Rest in Professionalism): SFFS Boy Wonder, Jay Wertzler

Five years of sparkling youth, karoke raps, and remarkable flashpants wisdom - damn how we will miss our Jaybird (aka Jay Wertzler)!  Flying away from the SFFS nest, but first making a detour to pick up Pootie Tang at the airport for next week's SF Sketchfest.  We appreciate all of you and know that your mark on us is for life.   Big up and warm those vocals for the next SFIFF talent show - sa da tay!

This show is gonna sine your pitty on the runny kine

Before Louis C.K. became a household name, he wrote and directed what is arguably one of the most underrated films of all time. We are excited to announce that we'll be co-presenting this rarely exhibited, highly divisive comedy spectacular at the glorious Castro Theater in conjunction with SF Sketchfest this February 8th at 10pm.

We hope that you'll join us and our friends at Sketchfest and enjoy An Evening with Pootie, featuring a special appearance by Pootie Tang himself. See the video below for our reaction when the co-presentation was solidified. Sa da tay!