The Act of Writing with One's Own Words

The Act of Writing with One's Own Words

by Sean Uyehara

There is the description of the thing and then there is the thing itself.

It’s difficult to write about the KinoTek programming stream without making it sound extra stuffy, alienating and art-world-y. That’s partly because KinoTek was established in 2006 by SFFS to engage, investigate and present the array of increasingly hybridized modes of media production, distribution and exhibition. The programming stream always incorporates moving image media and has presented live cinema, machinima, dance performance, theater, parametric and computational art and live music and film.

Lots of seemingly heady nerd potential. And, in truth, the majority of work out there that capitalizes on changes or combinations in technological and mediated platforms is (not surprisingly) soulless. But, I’ve worked hard to find and present work that is rigorous, provocative and engaging. Not all of it is for everyone. But, (hopefully) every project is for someone. And, who knows, maybe that someone is you.

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